Ep #19- Blaming others Vs Taking Responsibility.

It’s human nature that when something goes wrong we might tend to feel that the other party is to blame.

Sometimes we do it on purpose and other times we do this unconsciously.

I want us to try and experiment with another way to go about this.

So that we don’t blame others but rather take responsibility.

When I say take responsibility, it doesn’t mean you blame yourself, nope!

I’m just saying we view what happened in a different approach.

Like the way, I have explained in this episode here.

And see what happens.

So if you like being in control of your life, then this episode will show you one way to have more power

and how to be in control of how things happen in your life by learning how to take responsibility in a more intelligent way than average thinkers do!

It’s fun and I suggest you try it more often until you get what you want (in regards to what you’re trying to achieve).

I have to advise, that this episode is not for everyone but if you want to learn more about what I’ve just talked about above, then you should definitely listen to this episode.

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