Ep #7- Do you secretly feel like you hate your husband at times? read this to know why

Do you secretly feel like you hate your husband at times?

Do you know why?

It’s because you have what we call resentment…

So, what is resentment and how can you end it in marriage?

I define resentment in marriage as simply an accumulation of unresolved anger for a period of time.

What this means is that resentment doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time to get to a place where you feel resentful.

This happens when someone does something that upsets you over and over again, and you never get to resolve it but rather move on without fully resolving it.

This happens especially with married people.

Seeing how long it takes for resentment to form, the same thing also applies when it comes to ending the resentment towards your spouse.

It’s like peeling one layer at a time; it takes time for you to resolve all the unresolved anger that has accumulated over time.

Resentment can be resolved by simply learning how to communicate, but, I don’t believe in just learning how to communicate.

I believe that you also need to work on the root cause with self-compassion, and then communication becomes a non-issue.

Listen to this episode as I explain in further detail what resentment in marriage looks like and how to resolve it.

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