Ep #22- How to be happy with yourself and life in general

We all want to be happy. We have all done a lot in search of happiness. We’ve spent money, time, and other resources just to find happiness,

But, most of us have never even experienced what it actually means to be happy. I don’t blame them.

This happens a lot because we’ve been connoted to think of happiness as a destination, that it’s something that we only get if we do this and this, or achieve this and this.

We have been conditioned to believe that happiness is an object which makes us chase after it….

In today’s podcast, I’ve talked about how to be happy with yourself and with your life.

You will learn
What is happiness and what isn’t happiness,
What we do wrong when we chase happiness,
And how to start being happy and what we can actually do to become happy.

You may also check the other episode have talked about how to be happy here…..
Click below to listen to it.

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