Ep #4- Understanding Your Anger – Why You Get Angry

Any feeling that we have such as anger, shame, love, or even guilt comes from our thoughts.

That means before we experience any feeling, we must have had a certain thought on something or about someone.

So if all the emotions we experience root from the thoughts we’ve had, then if we want to feel a certain way all we have to do is think in that certain way.

When you think of thoughts, they are simply sentences that we create in our brain nothing more!

But the thing is, we create a feeling like love mostly on purpose, we choose to love people, and the way we choose to love people happens when we consciously (and sometimes subconsciously) think good things about them, and from these thoughts the feeling of love starts to emerge.

But what about a feeling like anger?

Do we choose to be angry too?

After all, feelings roots from our thoughts? (Think about it for a second).

In this short episode I have explained why anger is a choice.

Do we choose to be angry or does anger come from somewhere else?

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