Ep#24- When positive thinking doesn’t work, Use “bridging thoughts”

When positive thinking doesn’t work, Use “bridging thoughts”

I want to recommend that you start using bridging thoughts or bridging statements in your everyday life.

Bridging thoughts are sentences that help us get closer to where we want to be in a more realistic way.

Bridging thoughts are much better than positive thinking statements as you are the one only who creates them depending on how you feel about the situation.

Another reason bridging thoughts are better than overly positive thoughts is that they are real and not fake.

They help bring hope to your current worries; they help you realize what you need to work on to get to where you want, and they help you get rid of toxic positive thinking.

They help you make progress and move forward in life.

If you want to learn more about how to use them and how you can add them to your everyday life, then listen to this episode below,

then download the examples of bridging thoughts here.

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Ep#22- How to be happier in life (part 2)

We all want to be happy. We have all done a lot in search of happiness.

We’ve spent money, time, and other resources just to find happiness,
But, most of us have never even experienced what it actually means to be happy.

I don’t blame them.

This happens a lot because we’ve been connoted to think of happiness as a destination, that it’s something that we only get if we do this and this, or achieve this and this.

We have been conditioned to believe that happiness is an object which makes us chase after it….

In today’s podcast, I’ve talked about how to be happy with yourself and with your life.

You will learn

What is happiness and what isn’t happiness,

What we do wrong when we chase happiness,

And how to start being happy and what we can actually do to become happy.

You may also check the other episode have talked about how to be happy here…..

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Ep#21- How to function when going through a challenge or a hard time.

As long as you’re on earth it means there will always be a challenge coming at some point.

The more aware we are that challenges are part of us, the better we will learn how to manage when we go through them.

So the other day I was going through some shit and I found myself feeling stuck.

I found myself thinking that I didn’t want to do anything else because I was feeling low.

All I wanted to do was just sit and cry and indulge my negative thoughts as much as I could.

I could have continued doing this but I had other responsibilities to sort out like my kids need to feed and so on.

I was having a hard time trying to get myself to do anything so I coached myself about what was going on

and in this episode today I have discussed what I did and what you can start doing when you’re going through a hard time and you still want to function.

Have a listen to this episode and reply to me on Instagram about what you think.

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Ep#20- How to take Actions as a procrastinator

A lot of times we like to talk about the results.

Like I want to lose weight, I want to start skincare, I want to start doing this and that etc

But then this makes us become obsessed with talking about the end results rather than taking the action itself.

And this is because all we expose to the brain is the big result we desire, instead of talking more about the actions we need to take to achieve those results.

So how can we start talking to the brain and to others?

In this episode, I have talked about How to talk about your big goals to your brain.

I have used an example that I found very relevant, and I want you to replace that with your big goal.

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Ep#19- Blaming others Vs Taking Responsibility.

It’s human nature that when something goes wrong we might tend to feel that the other party is to blame.

Sometimes we do it on purpose and other times we do this unconsciously.

I want us to try and experiment with another way to go about this.

So that we don’t blame others but rather take responsibility.

When I say take responsibility, it doesn’t mean you blame yourself, nope!

I’m just saying we view what happened in a different approach.

Like the way, I have explained in this episode here.

And see what happens.

So if you like being in control of your life, then this episode will show you one way to have more power

and how to be in control of how things happen in your life by learning how to take responsibility in a more intelligent way than average thinkers do!

It’s fun and I suggest you try it more often until you get what you want (in regards to what you’re trying to achieve).

I have to advise, that this episode is not for everyone but if you want to learn more about what I’ve just talked about above, then you should definitely listen to this episode.

Blaming others Vs Taking Responsibility

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